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Environment Sensing
Environmental pollution is a serious issue that has an impact on the health and well being of anyone who is exposed to various manifestations of it. In order to quantify the severity of various pollutants, we offer various sensing sollutions.

Our Crop Estimation & Geographic Mapping System (CEGMaS) is an award winning, custom built remote sensing solution that is comprehensively tested in the field. The satellite imagery based analyses is compared with 100% ground-truth data collected using the CEGMaS mobile application accurately identifies 94% of the fields. Along with the identification accuracy, CEGMaS has area-accuracy of 96% making CEGMaS an ideal estimation tool for crop yield monitoring.

Traffic Management
Real time data collection of road traffic can be used to accurately determine traffic congestion, deploy fully actuated traffic controllers, and optimize investments on infrastucture enhancements. We provide a sening platform to accurately determine road traffic and improve security through autonomous vehicle checking and monitoring.

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M2M Technology Solutions (PVT) Limited is a technology solutions startup company that specializes in provision of Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine to Machine (M2M) based technology solutions with applications in diverse domains consisting of Intelligent Transportation Systems, Smart Grids, Remote Sensing, Environmental Sensing and Safety, Precision Agriculture, Home Energy Management, Smart Cities, and customized Internet of Things (IoT) based solutions.

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We value integrity above everything else.


We continuously strive to make our service delivery methods and procedures as efficient as possible.


We keep the ever changing trends, dynamics, and customer requirements in mind and therefore provide scalable solutions.

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We value the input of our clients and therefore customize our solutions to best suit the needs and expectations of our clients.


We offer a diverse portfolio of technology based solutions covering the areas of (but not limited to) Intelligent Transportation Systems, Smart Grids, Remote Sensing, Environmental Sensing and Safety, Precision Agriculture, Home Energy Management, Smart Cities, and customized Internet of Things (IoT) based solutions.

  • A wide array of M2M/IoT based solutions are available to tailor to your needs. A few of them include precision agriculture, smart metering, smart parking, vehicle detection, data logging of various events of interest, smart cities etc.

    Internet of Things

    We offer various IoT based solution to suit your needs.

  • industry focused, remote-sensing (RS) solution for agricultural yield estimation with proven and field tested identification accuracy of 94%. Multi-Spectral (04 channel) satellite imagery from French SPOT series satellites (SPOT-6 and SPOT-7), with 1.5 meters spatial resolution is used for identification of crops of interest.

    Crop Yield Estimation

    Industry focused, remote-sensing (RS) solution for agricultural yield estimation.

  • Preservation of flora and fauna is essential to preserve a healthly ecosystem. We provide analysis of deforestation and other related instances by using satellite imagery.

    Deforestation Analysis

    Satellite imagery based solution to detect and quantify deforestation levels.

  • We offer environment sensing solutions that cover air quality monitoring, air pollution sensing, water pollution sensing, particulate matter sensing, ozone sensing, temperature, pressure, and humidity sensing etc.

    Pollution Sensing

    Real time sensing and data collection of various air pollutants.

  • We provide solutions for intelligent transportation systems that cover collection of real time traffic data, reduction in traffic congestion, automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), improved and proactive security measures, vehicle flagging and provision of route history of tagged vehicles.

    Traffic Management

    Data collection of road traffic to assess the levels of traffic congestion

  • Our range of smart home solutions include monitoring and control of appliances, real time energy consumption data for each appliances, itemized electricity billing, smart metering, smart energy sockets and more.

    Smart Homes

    Get your appliances connected to monitor their energy consumption and have control from anywhere.

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Who We Are?

Our present technological landscape presents tremendous opportunities to many researchers, scientists, and emerging startups to contribute and gear their solutions towards enhancing and making our various critical infrastructures more efficient. That can result in increased revenue generation, better quality of life, and more job opportunities. Various technological trends can be mulled upon for their possible utilization to possibly create new markets.
We are the first startup in Pakistan to not only provide customized M2M/IoT based solutions but also indigenously developed, fully integrated technology based solutions that are backed by substantial R & D efforts and field testing.

Our Clients
Social Responsibility

In our pursuit of carrying out cutting edge R & D activities, and delivering reliable and dependable integrated solutions to satisfy the needs of a diverse clientele, we aim to have a minimum impact on environment, humans, animals, and therefore, assist in preserving a green and nourishing ecosystem.

Our Clients
We Value Research and Development

M2M Technology Solutions realizes the importance of various critical parameters and requirements tied with carrying out meaningful research that brings value to the customers and hence the generation of intellectual property from our research is not only geared towards innovative methods to fill the current gaps and fulfill the needs of the market, but also based on perception of the future technological trends, demands, and needs.

Application Areas

Our solutions can be customized to serve the following areas


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  • Crop Yield Estimation Through Satellite Imagery
  • Crop Classification
  • Real Time Agri data
  • Precision Agriculture Through Sensors
  • Ozone Sensing and its Effects on Crops


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  • Deforestation Assessment
  • Air Quality Monitoring
  • Air Pollution Monitoring


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  • Traffic Management
  • Traffic Data Collection (Vehicle Count, Number Plate Recognition)
  • E-Chalans, Token Submission
  • Security through Autonomous Vehicle Identification and Authentication
  • Traffic Control


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  • Smart Homes
  • Appliance Monitoring and Control
  • Itemized Electricity Billing


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